Published 2022-05-30
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Uvalde School Shooting - 19 More Children Had To Die For Politicians To Think Of Change?

Not His Only Crime

Prior to heading to the school to commit the crime, it was reported that Ramos had an argument with his grandmother over his failure to graduate from high school. Local news reported after speaking with the 66-year-olds neighboring, after the argument the teen shot his grandmother. Later reports revealed that the woman was shot in the face and she may never be able to talk again. A family relative spoke with the Post and revealed that she is doing fairly well, considering what had happened adding that she can only communicate by writing at the moment.

Double Tragedy For The Garcia Family

One of the victims was Irma Garcia, who had worked as a teacher at the school for 23 years. She was a mother of 4 children yet a tragedy struck the family once again two days after her passing when it was revealed that her husband had died of a fatal heart attack. The family, who had raised around $2,593,860 in donations for the family, had revealed that they believe the man had died of a broken heart as the two of them were high school sweethearts.

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