Published 2022-06-03
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Man Dubbed Human Satan Underwent More Transformations! Cutting Off His Nose & Fingers Wasn't Enough?

Diabao’s Appearance Changes

In order to achieve his shocking look the man underwent several procedures. He had cut off his nostrils, making him the third person in the world to do so, which he commented had given him a decidedly more menacing look than one that he was born with. On top of this, he had given himself curved tusks poking out of either side of his mouth, as well as having four horns on either side of his head as well as several implants under the skin of his forehead. And to top it all off, the man had a finger on one of his hands cut off.

What Is His Profession

But just like all people, Diabao wasn’t born covered in tattoos and with all these modifications. The man has worked as a tattoo artist for the past 25 years, which is the kind of profession that would not have minded his appearance. Speaking of his own ink, he revealed that he never did any to himself but went to other artists and professionals. When it comes to what he decided to decorate his body with he said it was mostly blackwork and brutal tattoos as they are the ones that you ink on a larger part of your body.

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