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Published 2022-06-06
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Russian Popeye Undergoing Further Surgeries Despite Warnings Of Death?

While in the past a procedure that no a days seems to be common such as botox injections were frowned upon and seen as a completely odd, now for many people it is the norm and something that is part of their lives. And the same can be said for some other cosmetic procedures, however there are people who manage to surprise people with the choices they make especially when it comes to treatment that changes their bodies. And one Russian man who has been dubbed as the Russian Popeye is no different. Why exactly was he given that nickname? Just what kind of procedures has he undergone? And is his life at risk? Read on to find out.

Who Is The Man In Question?

Who Is The Man In Question?

25-year old ex-Russian soldier Kirill Tereshin might already be known to some as his looks have gained him some notoriety on the social media app TikTok where he had racked up nearly a million followers. And it was the changes that he made to his body, mainly his arms, had people talking. And that is all because he had given himself gigantic muscles which in turn made people compare him to the cartoon character Popeye. He has also been known to be involved in MMA fights in his native Russia but according to media reports, he had not been successful in winning any fights. But just how far has he gone? Read on to find out.

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What Procedures Had He Undergone?

In order to achieve his look the man had subjected himself to petroleum jelly injections into his arms. And while that has helped him achieve the look that he is known for, they were not the only procedures that he had undergone. On top of these injections he had also had his lips enlarged, fillers in his cheekbones, as well as shaping done to his lower jaw and forehead. He does not shy away from sharing his new look with his followers on social media.

Does The Man Feel Comfortable With His Look?

Of course, one of the most common questions was how does he feel about his new look. And if his interviews are anything to go by, pretty good! Speaking with reporters, the 25-year-old had said that thanks to all the procedures that he underwent, he is an ideally handsome man. He added that thanks to the work of the doctors all of his features such as lips, chin, lower jaw, and nose, now stand out perfectly.

His Image Has A Goal

But while many are quick to call him the Russian Popeye thanks to his biceps, that is not the likeness for which he was aiming for. Speaking with Russian media he said that he wants to have a face like “an alien”. It all stems from the fact that he has believed in the extraterrestrial creatures since he was a teenager, claiming that he saw a UFO. Since then he has believed in them, claiming that they are a most powerful race in the entire world and through achieving this look, he feels like he is ready to go and join them.

His Arms Could Lead To Death?

While he might have been happy with how his arms had turned out, it hasn’t all been easy. Tereshin had already undergone further surgery to have his fake triceps removed after warning from a surgeon. Dmitry Melnikov had spoken with a local newspaper in Moscow and stated that the risk of complications for the young man is very high. He also added that not doing anything will not help him at all as having a toxic substance in his body for a long term can complicate things and organs, such as kidneys, which could ultimately lead to death.

Persuaded To Save His Life

In order to have his fake triceps removed, the 25 year old had to be persuaded. The person who convinced him to save his life was 33-year-old Alana Mamaeva who is a campaigner for victims of botched plastic surgeries. And while that was a procedure that he might have undergone he has further ignored doctors orders to do the same with his biceps. But does he have a reason for that?

Scared To Go Under The Knife?

The Russian popeye had confessed that his decisions to bulk up so much were due to his own stupidity when he was 20 and made such a decision without really thinking of the consequences that would come. And while he told his followers that the triceps surgery was successful he has been very afraid about going under the knife to remove the hardened jelly from his biceps and as his social media shows he is yet to do that. Though local media have reported that while he has no desire to touch his arms again with regards to cosmetic procedures, the same cannot be said for the rest of his body, though what exactly the plans are have not been revealed.

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