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Published 2022-06-06
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Russian Popeye Undergoing Further Surgeries Despite Warnings Of Death?

What Procedures Had He Undergone?

In order to achieve his look the man had subjected himself to petroleum jelly injections into his arms. And while that has helped him achieve the look that he is known for, they were not the only procedures that he had undergone. On top of these injections he had also had his lips enlarged, fillers in his cheekbones, as well as shaping done to his lower jaw and forehead. He does not shy away from sharing his new look with his followers on social media.

Does The Man Feel Comfortable With His Look?

Of course, one of the most common questions was how does he feel about his new look. And if his interviews are anything to go by, pretty good! Speaking with reporters, the 25-year-old had said that thanks to all the procedures that he underwent, he is an ideally handsome man. He added that thanks to the work of the doctors all of his features such as lips, chin, lower jaw, and nose, now stand out perfectly.

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