Published 2022-06-17
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Denver Spider Man - Criminal Who Hid In The Attic Like A Superhero?

Who Was The Denver Spiderman?

Theodore Coneys was born in Illinois in the 1880s and later in the 1910s moved to Denver where he remained until the end of his life. According to reports, as a child the man had poor health, which had continued to plague him into adulthood. As a result of his health problems, and possibly also due to the Great Depression, the man struggled to keep a job long-term and often would find himself without a place to live except for doorways or alleys around the city.

Meeting Philip Peters

At some point during his time in Denver Theodore met Philip Coneys at the Denver Guitar Club and they soon became acquainted. And this is why when he fell on hard times, Coneys would go to Peters’ house with hope to ask for some money or something to eat. However, around that time, the man’s wife was in hospital so in order to not be alone Philip would spend most of his free time with friends and family and so he was not home. Determined to find something to eat, Coneys broke into the house hoping to steal a bite. A few days after he tried to do the same thing again however that time he was caught by Philip.

Who Was The Denver Spiderman?
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