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Published 2016-08-26
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She did 12 little hair buns before going to sleep and just look at the result

Have you ever dreamed of curly hair? If you look for an easy way to curl it without using a hair curler that harms your hair, you need to try this method and do some bantu-style knots.
You’re going to be delighted by the effect. These little buns help to make a hairstyle that will surprise everyone. The best thing is that such buns work with every type of hair, so you have to try it! Make your hair look fantastic!
To do the bantu knots, you just need a comb, texturizer and hair pins.

She did 12 little hair buns before going to sleep and just look at the result 1

1. For a start wash your hair and use your favourite conditioner. Then let it dry (if you need, use a hairdryer but be very careful and go for the cold air option).
Divide your hair into sections. If you have a short hair, you need to divide it into smaller parts but it they're long, you should divide it into bigger sections.
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2. Gently apply lotion for curls (or any other similar product) on every section of your hair. Using this type of products guarantees better result because they help in hair twisting. Moreover, they nourish the scalp and the whole hair.
Remember: The brand of cosmetics that you use is not important for this treatment, it's the effect you can achieve that counts.

3. The next step is to form a small bun. In order to do so, twist the strand and catch it with a hair pin, just like the girl below.
Note: When you roll your hair, it’s recommendable to tighten it as much as possible. This will make your curls look really well.

4. Do exactly the same thing with the rest of the hair strands. The number of strands depends on your hair thickness. It shouldn’t be less than 4, though.
The more buns you make, the most spectacular effect you will get. All your friends will envy you and will want to know this awesome trick!

5. After doing it all you can go to sleep or simply keep it this way for the whole day. We promise that you'll be ready for the evening.
After removing the hair pins, unroll the buns carefully. You’ll be surprised how gorgeous your curls are! They will look like a little springs!

6. Use your fingers to split the curls and make them look perfect. You can also use a wide toothed comb.
Style your hair the way you like. Curls need to look natural. You’ll fall in love with the final result and we promise you’ll look beautiful!
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