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15 reasons why Leo is simply the best

People born under the sign of Leo are very outgoing and creative, and often enjoy leading and taking charge of their own life. They are really good planners, so they easily achieve every goal. Moreover they are very ambitious and creative, and they exactly know how to reinforce their most distinctive features. This type of people like luxury and comfort, and if possible, would like to have all that in life. In short, they are smart people who can solve even the most difficult problem. However, they can also be stubborn, lazy and arrogant.
We describe this zodiac sign in detail below.
Keep reading the article whether you are Leo or you know someone who is!

1. The planets revolve around the Sun for a reason

Leos need warmth and light for living. If they could choose, they would like so that the whole year was hot and sunny. Ruled by the Sun, Leos worship the Sun which also has a metaphorical meaning and it relates to the state of their ego.

2. They are true friends for life

You can trust them blindly. They are very loyal and faithful, and always happy to help others, no matter if it takes a lot of time or energy. They like a good company because interactions are their second nature. This zodiac sign is very protective over the family and friends.

3. But ... you can also have an enemy for life

However, Leos keep grudge as no other zodiac sign. Don’t let their easy charm to fool you. They remember everything and when a good friend or a trusted person disappoint them, it will be a hard work to regain their trust.

4. Leos love to give presents

They are the most generous of all the zodiac signs. They follow their hearts and make great efforts to get somebody’s heart. Leos can simply shower you with gifts or flowers and money or effort are not a problem.

5. But they also like getting nice gifts

No kidding! The gifts for Leos have to be chosen very carefully. Although they accept any little thing that is made with love, they really like luxury and expensive gifts. Leos love compliments and admiration. Well, in the end they are “ the kings of the jungle”.

6. You will have the time of your life

If you want to add some spontaneity, excitement and fun to your life, then Leo must have a place in it. In fact, the party doesn’t usually start until Leo shows up. This zodiac sign really enjoys hosting any celebrations or events.

7. But best not to plan for Leos

Of course, they also expect to be invited to all events, but you cannot ask for coming when you give a short notice. In fact, you may never know when they appear. Exciting, right?

8. In fact, Leo also enjoys having no plans

Leos love comfortable nights at home when they can watch movies, stroke cat and wear something warm and furry. They appreciate relaxing.

9. The best superstars are Leos

Mick Jagger, Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Andy Warhol, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Whitney Houston, Neil Armstrong, De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence, Coco Chanel, Slash, Amelia Earhart, Usain Bolt, JK Rowling, Napoleon ... Is it enough to say?

10. Leo takes great care of the family

A good leader makes sure that all members of herd are safe and don’t need anything. If you take something that belongs to Leo or you do something to its people, you will hear the sound of Leo.

11. Things are done

You can always trust that Leo will sort everything out or remove all the useless garbage. You don’t have to worry about the little things when Leo is around because he will find the solution to every problem. So if you have any troubles, call Leo.

12. Do you need someone to say if you’re handsome or beautiful?

Although Leos have a tendency to put themselves in the limelight, the true Leos will also be happy to help you to determine if you’re ready to hit the dance floor, meet the new love or even improve your resume. You can trust Leos and share with them all the hopes and concerns.

13. You can fall in love with Leos

Generous in bed, generous in love and generous with their time.This zodiac sign is very passionate and sincere in feelings. They have a lot of self-confidence and a great charm but they also know how to appreciate their beloved. Leos usually choose partners who aren’t self-aware and who are on the same intellectual level as them.

14. Can you trust Leos?

Yes, you can definitely trust Leos and share with them every thought. You just have to remember that they also want to fully trust you. Leos expects from you to act as openly as they do.

15. What make them bad, make them successful

All that confidence with a hint of an ego, can easily change to an arrogance, pride and vanity. But because the mix of these features is very interesting and powerful, Leos are often considered good world political leaders. This zodiac sign, the same as the others, has its pros and cons. However, there is no doubt that Leos are very nice people.
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Marsha Caldwell
Marsha Caldwell 9/23/16, 6:06 AM
Here's to us Aubree Johnson
Rubab Naghmi
Rubab Naghmi 8/23/16, 6:06 AM
stones waale *.* dekhe h?
Rubab Naghmi
Rubab Naghmi 8/20/16, 6:06 AM
tmko knsa zyada psnd
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Divyesh M. Roat 8/19/16, 6:06 AM
but ek zyada psnd hga na, select kro
Rubab Naghmi
Rubab Naghmi 8/18/16, 6:06 AM
ummm tmko knsa psnd?
Divyesh M. Roat
Divyesh M. Roat 8/17/16, 6:06 AM
yesh, silver or golden?
Sofie Vest Carstensen
Sofie Vest Carstensen 8/15/16, 6:06 AM
Mathias Thisvad Anne Scharling Toft Tiemen Van de Belt Lærke Valter Christiansen altså jeg er leo
Uma Kirloskar
Uma Kirloskar 8/15/16, 6:06 AM
Kamyar Nekoui LEO :')
Joan Leavy
Joan Leavy 8/15/16, 6:06 AM
I think it pretty much describes Leo's or at least me. Shine on sunshine, love your warmth.
Angel Andrade
Angel Andrade 8/15/16, 6:06 AM
Por eso Alma me quiere reteartooo .... porque .... porque los de leo semos lo mejor que existe ....tambien semos muy modestos ...eso esta bien claro .
Divyesh M. Roat
Divyesh M. Roat 8/15/16, 6:06 AM
flowers or jewelry one?
CJ Awsme Atkins
CJ Awsme Atkins 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
I already knew I was the best.
Maryann Buffamonti Beres
Maryann Buffamonti Beres 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
Nicholas Pera ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carla Boozer
Carla Boozer 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
I'm a leo and I'm awesome. lol
Nick Mobley
Nick Mobley 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
I'm a Leo and this list is pitifully stupid. But at least I can admit that.
Nirva Mehta
Nirva Mehta 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
yeahh leos are the best
Jeff Teel
Jeff Teel 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
Chrissy Stahl-Hammer
Chrissy Stahl-Hammer
Chrissy Stahl-Hammer 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
I agree with like 60% of that
Chrissy Stahl-Hammer
Chrissy Stahl-Hammer 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
I agree with like 60% of that
Allyza Dela Calzada
Allyza Dela Calzada 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
Allyza Roneth Dela Calzada
Phillip Phillip
Phillip Phillip 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
omg youre not kidding i work in hot attics and always ask myself WHY
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