Published 2016-08-30
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20 secrets McDonald’s employees will never tell you

Usually, we see Mcdonald’s as one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. The truth is that there are a lot of factors that help to keep such impression, but taste definitely isn’t one of them. Their popularity doesn’t really match quality.
Their products aren’t particularly tasty nor they are good for our health, but McDonald’s knows how to seduce customers and successfully does it for years. Although, they have some hidden secrets they don’t want to say out loud. We will try to present them briefly in the below article.

1. Big Mac’s famous sauce contains exactly the same ingredients that Big Mac, except for meat. It seems that there should be a piece of pickle in every bite (for all who hate pickles).

2. It’s hard to feel comfortable with people looks when you have to use a hair net when you work at McDonald’s.
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20 secrets McDonald’s employees will never tell you 2

3. The rest of the uniform that employee should wear at work doesn’t change the self-esteem for better. Example: pants fitted in the waist.

4. It seems that people love to ask workers about the number of stars they have. The employees of McDonald's should get 5 stars for not hitting people in the face in reaction to such stupid questions asked.

20 secrets McDonald’s employees will never tell you 4

5. Customers just love to tell you how chicken nuggets are really made. It’s something really disgusting.

6. As the employee, you look forward to be in the table area because it gives you a lot of opportunities to hide in the bathroom.

7. It takes less than 30 seconds to make McDonald’s burger, that has been frozen, eatable.

8. There’s no such thing as “flipping burgers”, since both sides are fried at the same time.

9. There’s no bigger pain than burned fingers when a piece of bun gets stuck in the toaster.

10. Although touching edges of the fryer when you’re about to take out a portion of fries isn't nice either.

11. You spend the whole shift stealing fries when you think nobody watches. You can easily feed yourself with that.

12. On some occasions, when you get extremely lucky, you may even catch a “chicken” nugget.

13. You can finally eat a proper meal at the end of your shift, without any worries and concerns.

14. You hate when the end of your shift collides with the time when pubs or clubs close and most of your friends are at the party.

15. There’s always that one idiot that orders “a simple Big Mac, but with ketchup”. It’s not even a real Big Mac, because it doesn’t have ketchup at all.

16. You keep ignoring customers that shout “Hellooo” to the speaker when you don’t take their order straight away.

17. You hate the idea that someone could order Filet-O-Fish because you need to prepare that order immediately.

18. It's quite difficult when you wear glasses because steam from the filet covers it all.

19. That moment when you try not to lose patience with people waiting until they reach the front of a long queue to start thinking about what they want to order.
20. Being polite for the clients that complain because fries are not fresh made and then complain that it takes so long to prepare new fries is also a challenge for every worker of McDonald's.

There are many other mysteries inside McDonald’s food chain that surprised the World Health Organization (WHO). Food offered by the chain, as well as the food from other fast food companies, don’t decompose even for 14 years.
Of course, mass media didn’t mention about this fact, it was completely ignored. The true reason for meat not decomposing is high level of Sodium (salt), which is a dangerous preservative.

The real question is: why McDonald’s buns don't mold? This is really concerning because well-made bread can be affected even in 2 days. What are these made of? Well, unless you're a chemist, you won't enjoy reading the list of ingredients that we’ve found.
This is what McDonald’s says is in their bread: enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, enzymes), water, fructose-high corn syrup, sugar, yeast, soybean oil and/or hydrogenated soybean oil, contains 2% or less of the following: salt, calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, corn gluten, ammonium sulphate, dough conditioners (sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, mono and diglycerides, ethoxylated monoglycerides, monocalcium phosphate, enzymes, guar gum, calcium peroxide, soybean flour), sodium propionate and calcium propionate (preservatives), soy lecithin.

The most surprising thing about McDonald’s bread is that it’s not food. No animal will see hamburgers as food, neither do bacteria and fungi. It’s simple. That’s why buns don’t decompose. That’s why it’s funny to consider McDonald’s hamburger as food.
The only people that believe in this fallacy are suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, dementia and obesity. These people claim to be the most intelligent on the planet, however they make such stupid decisions like feeding their own children with poisonous chemicals and atrocious meals. We hope that people reading this article have more common sense.
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