Published 2016-08-30
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She started to cut her old towel with a pair of scissors. She made something we all need to have in our bathrooms!

Recycling became very popular in the last few years. We can even risk saying that recycling is fashionable nowadays. We speak more and more about the importance of saving the environment, so the word “recycling” is much more frequent now that it has ever been. We can buy hand-made products all around the world. It’s fascinating that you can create something interesting and save money with a little bit of effort.
Would you like to create something original to your house? Check this out! It’s a great idea to make your own bath mat using old towels. You’ll surprise all your family and friends with your crafting skills.

She started to cut her old towel with a pair of scissors. She made something we all need to have in our bathrooms! 1

To make this beautiful bath mat you need 3 different towels, scissors, a needle and thread. Chose the colours you like most. We're sure you'll get a spectacular effect!
First you need to fold 1 towel in half and start cutting it into stripes. You’ll have approx. 13 pieces that will be a part of an average size mat.
Be careful and don't cut yourself…
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Once you finish cutting, take three stripes (each of a different colour), stick them together and sew them with a needle and thread the same way as presented below.

Now, start doing the braid. You know how, don’t you? It’s easy and you’ve done it a thousand times with your hair or your dolls hair when you were little. This time, instead of hair, do it with the stripes. We’re sure you’ll do it just fine. Even men can do it!
When you finish with the stripes, get another 3 and keep braiding…

Keep adding stripes until you get a super long braid, like Rapunzel’s!

When you're ready, you can start forming the mat from the centre point. Roll the braid and while doing this, connect it all with thread so it doesn’t fall apart. It seems complicated, but it’s not.
Look at that woman. She’s so precise with it!

Did you make it? If you like the final effect, you can share it with your friends or create even more mats and give them as presents. No doubts, it can be an original and useful gift.
To see the video, click HERE
Source: YouTube/GIPHY

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