Published 2017-01-20
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10 reasons why people born in February should feel special

1. They are frank

Their frankness allows them to be extremely truthful. It’s not that they cannot lie, they can, but they rather say the truth than say something that’s not true. No matter the situation or the consequence, a February born is never scared to be honest. So sometimes most people think of February born as too upfront and will try to avoid them only because they’re afraid of the truth.

2. Their authenticity

People born in February are known for their originality. They believe in doing things their own way rather than following others just for the sake of it. This is what makes them very different from others. They stand out in a crowd for doing things differently. They learn from their mistakes and experiences. Most people from February are making their own way if anything others follow them.
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3. They are very mysterious people

It’s often very difficult to understand people born in February and what they’re thinking. But being mysterious has its perks. Although they don’t reveal much about themselves, it leaves the rest of us wondering who they really are and leaves us wanting to know more about them. Their dark, confusing, and secretive trait makes them extremely attractive to the opposite gender. Don’t leave us hanging here to guess about you!

4. Quite a bunch of innovative people

February borns are wayyyy more imaginative than you think. Their imagination runs wild and they have the ability to think outside of the box. And it's not surprising that a lot of people born in this month are scientists, writers, innovators, or works in any job that requires this skill. So if you’re born in February and you think you’re not creative, worry not! It’s probably just suppressed within you. The next traits make them the best!

5. They are one of a kind

Their originality and creativity make them one of a kind. They prefer to be different and be known as an ‘individual’ rather than as a part of the group. This makes February borns never boring, they are unique, fun and have a great mind. It makes us want to be among them more and sometimes even wish we were more like them. *wink wink*

6. Very determined people

Their determination, self-control, and drive allow them to tackle even the most herculean tasks. It may take time, but eventually breakthrough it. The most of us only wished we had this trait. Imagine being able to do even the difficult of tasks without giving up? WE WISH! Just one minute into it and we’ll probably have a mental breakdown. They even make a perfect partner!

7. They are loyal

People born in February are loyal, caring, devoted, faithful, committed, attentive and we could go on and on. The list is endless! They are all of the mentioned traits towards both their families, partners and loved ones. Which is why they make a perfect person to be in a relationship with. They’ll be there for you when no one else does. And not to mention lift your spirits when you’re down.

8. Compassion and generous

February borns are the most selfless people in the world. They’re always out to make a difference and help the world. They believe in the change they want to see, (notice what we did there? It’s a Gandhi reference). People born in February are very compassionate and generous which makes them admired by others around them.
The last trait about them is so true!

9. Very strong

When we say strong we don’t mean that they’re physically strong, they may be, but in this case, we’re talking about emotionally strength. They are able to control their emotions without it taking a toll on them. If they do ever get affected by it, they tend to get over it easily compared to others. Apart from that, they’re also passionate lovers of nature and extremely romantic.

10. They live in the moment

People born in February do not like to rush things. They take it slow and one step at a time. It helps them to be more logical and gain more knowledge and also appreciate the things around them. Others will get impatient and feel that February borns are slowing them down, but it’s only because they are analyzing every single thing before taking action, not because they are lazy. What do you think? Do you know someone who's born in February? Is it true?
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Sneha Ramachandran
Sneha Ramachandran 2/21/17, 7:12 AM
Shravan Leekha Sugam Bharti Omkar O'niel Khare weirdos.
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Bunny Singh Bakshi 2/16/17, 7:11 AM
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Luv Vaid 2/12/17, 7:10 AM
heyy ali :D kaisaa hai ???
Bhargavi Wadhwa
Bhargavi Wadhwa 2/11/17, 7:10 AM
Ek aur insaan hai....
Saujas Ansari
Saujas Ansari 2/11/17, 7:09 AM
I am 21st Feb(bhasha sadhin dibosh)
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Ankit Marhatta 2/10/17, 7:11 AM
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Yash Chandna 2/10/17, 7:11 AM
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Bhargavi Wadhwa
Bhargavi Wadhwa 2/11/17, 7:10 AM
Ek aur insaan hai....
Manthan Patwala
Manthan Patwala 2/10/17, 7:11 AM
woah! it's all true!
Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
Shantanu Sharma
Urna Chattopadhyay Haldar
Urna Chattopadhyay Haldar 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
Sudipto Haldar plz read this.
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Rîddhî Shârmâ 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
Lalla ki bhi jay ho
Kuloo Shafat
Kuloo Shafat 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
#kalooshafat 6th of feb
Pikaa Chu Chu
Pikaa Chu Chu 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
I m on 23 feb...but my frnd birthday is on 14 feb how lucky he is
Simbu Kutty
Simbu Kutty 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
My husband Silambarasan today
Chandrika Dhar
Chandrika Dhar 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
I born on 2nd of feb .....yahhh
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Varun Sharma 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
2 feb. ka b koi ha kya :D
Chirag Sareen
Chirag Sareen 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
Except 10 every point suits me
Priyanka Preethi
Priyanka Preethi 2/10/17, 7:10 AM
Varun Kumar - your nephew is one ☝️
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