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Being born in April has its perks!

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind” - Thomas Hobbes

The above quote can be the perfect introduction to present people born in April as they are very curious. They want to know everything that’s happening and won’t stop till they know what they need. It’s a great trait because it helps them understand everything better because a curious mind comes with a lot of questions. And questions need answers. It makes them smarter and more successful. However, they tend to be nosey of other people’s businesses even if they’re not asked to be part of it.
And now we present the whole list of other attributes which characterize people born in April.

1. Daring and adventurous

This is one of the traits of people born in April that they don’t really reveal much about themselves. They hate living a boring, dull, tedious and repetitious life. That sounds so boring already that it’s making us fall off to sleep! They like working in places that they enjoy, if they don’t they’ll leave it immediately. They like to do things that will get their adrenaline pumping.
The next one is so trueee!
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2. Risk-taker and bold

They have the ability to deal with any task, problem or obstacle that comes their way. Nothing is impossible for them. People born in April dives right into any situation that others usually avoid. They enjoy the challenges of being able to solve or come to a solution of the problem. If you ever find yourself in a position where you’ve no idea what to do, approach an April born.

3. Independent individuals

People born in April prefer to do things on their own, they need their privacy and freedom. Most of them anyway. They sometimes find it annoying when people tell them what to do and what not to do. April borns believe in working their way up to things rather than having everything served on a silver platter. They’ll try their best to not be dependent on their family or partners. They are very talented too!

4. Multi-talented

An April born is like an all-in-one package. You will find people born in this month interested in careers from various fields like from engineering to art and sports. It’s not only that they’re interested in it, they are really good at too! This month is so diverse that they can literally have their own city. And apart from that, they are very creative too. Never will you find a “bored” April born, because even before they can be, they will engage themselves in some kind of hobby or activities.

5. Never lazy

People born in April are not the types to sit around doing nothing all day. That includes sleeping, staying in bed or even watching TV, which are all of the things most of us like to do. They have the great ability of multitasking which the few of us lack and can do a list of things quickly. They are quick because they hate wasting their time, or procrastinating.
The next traits are what makes them unique!

6. Romantic

People born in April are hopeless romantics. They either love someone to the maximum if they think is the right person or they simply just don’t. And you’ll know it if they love you or not because they will make their intentions pretty clear. They might have their bad days and sometimes can be blinded by love that they don’t realize that it’s not the right person for them.

7. A great friend

They value friendships more than anything! They will have a great number friends everywhere they go. That’s just them. They can easily make the people around like them. And it’s hard not to! With their bubbly and energetic attitude, there isn't a single person who could not get attached to them. They are almost like a magnet that pulls us towards them!
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8. Impatience

Their curiosity gets the best of them. The need of finding answers to all their questions is strong. They want to have the answers fast and now. With so many doubts left unanswered, it’s no surprise they get impatient fairly quick. This will later lead to confusion as they learn new things. As long as they discover a way to find answers on their own, they won’t find themselves in a tangled mess.

9. Their persuading skills

With their captivating good looks, encouragement and affectionate nature, they can literally convince you to do anything. It’s so good that you won’t even realize you got persuaded. But they are generous and caring and we could never be annoyed at them for too long. So if any of you are born in April, lucky you! Do you know anyone born in April that you think this applies to?
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Ishu Singhal
Ishu Singhal 3/8/17, 7:16 AM
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Mîttâl Shálìnï
Mîttâl Shálìnï 3/8/17, 7:16 AM
Jyoti Garg Dipanshi Kush Gupta
Mîttâl Shálìnï
Mîttâl Shálìnï 3/8/17, 7:16 AM
Jyoti Garg Dipanshi Kush Gupta
Ishu Singhal
Ishu Singhal 3/8/17, 7:16 AM
So ******* ture...!!! :D
Abdul Anwar Hussain
Abdul Anwar Hussain 2/22/17, 7:09 AM
only queens are born in april Amèêñå..! :)
Kajal Patel
Kajal Patel 2/21/17, 7:08 AM
Prateek Desai got it
Prateek Desai
Prateek Desai 2/21/17, 7:08 AM
You always get to me
Safia Mansoor
Safia Mansoor 2/15/17, 7:07 AM
Hahaa!! Close enough
Aashima Sethi
Aashima Sethi 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
True ! In almost all points
Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Naren Kalra Awwwww
Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Naren Kalra Awwwww
Bani Batra
Bani Batra 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Akshit Arora the thing about not being lazy though
Bani Batra
Bani Batra 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Naren Kalra thats ohk
Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Bani Batra haha Yeah
Naren Kalra
Naren Kalra 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Chup dono romantic tatties Bani Batra Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora
Akshit Arora 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Hush Naren Kalra Shuuuuu
Ankush Khurana
Ankush Khurana 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Multi talented? Never lazy? Romanticc?????
Vinay Naveen Christopher
Vinay Naveen Christopher 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Karthik Vellal Shankar bro
Vaibhav Unhariya
Vaibhav Unhariya 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Aditi Matey april buddies
Shifali Goyal
Shifali Goyal 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Anushka Singh Glory Choudhary we april born
Khyati Arora
Khyati Arora 2/14/17, 7:07 AM
Prasiddi Arora do u agree??
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