Published 2016-09-05
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Michael Jackson is alive?!

In the last few days, worldwide media speculated only about one thing. Is it possible that Michael Jackson is alive? That's the question everybody keep asking themselves. Jackson, loved by millions of fans and the whole musical world, died several years ago. His fans and family were plunged into deep sorrow. At that time, despair had no end. No one came to mind that the death of their beloved doesn’t have to be true. As it turns out now, this doesn't need to be truth that we lost our “star” for good.
If it proved to be true that America's favourite is alive and well, it would be the biggest sensation in recent years. How is it possible that no one noticed?

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Michael Jackson made his debut in 1964 as the member of the Jackson 5. He quickly became the favourite of all and started his solo career. In the 80's, Jackson was one the most popular singers of all times. He wrote and performed that many hits that it would be difficult to count them all. Everybody were singing his songs and danced to it on every dancefloor. His albums spawned probably the most number-one hits of all times. Jackson was and still is called the "King of Pop" as he also became famous of his video clips. The most popular are: "Black or White" or "Scream".
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His music videos "Beat it", "Thriller" or "Billie Jean" helped with breaking racial barriers and changing this medium into form of art and great promotional tool. Thanks to Jackson's music, the television channel MTV came to fame. The singer also popularized many complicated dance techniques, such as "moonwalk" or "robot". He was a great inspiration for many artists.
Jackson is recognized as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time by Guinness World Records. He travelled all over the world supporting more than any other artist charity organizations and humanitarian actions.

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Even if he was considered dead, his music is still alive. His hits are immortal. Who doesn't know "The way you make me feel" or "Dirty Diana"?
Michael with his vivid personal life, relationships and behaviour caused a lot of controversies. He was accused of a number of horrifying acts, but none has ever been proven to him. Someone as famous as Michael Jackson will always have many supporters, but also a few enemies.

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Jackson died on 25th of June in 2009. He was found unconscious in his house in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles. All attempts at resuscitating him were unsuccessful. Singer was not breathing and He died of intoxication after cardiac arrest. Jackson's death triggered a worldwide wave of grief on an unprecedented scale.

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People tend to speculate about many weird things and there are a lot of theories about unexplained facts. But this time, even we have to say that this photograph gives a lot to think about. What's even more surprising, nobody would expected that. Conspiracy theorists across the whole world are asking "did Michael Jackson really die"?

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All the speculations started when the daughter of Michael, Paris Jackson, posted a photograph on Instagram that shows her in the car. Looking at this picture for the first time, we don't see anything strange, but after a while you can see "something" weird in the background. The shadowy figure is visible on the back seat of the car. Why would anybody think that it might be Michael?
It's all because of the famous Jackson's hat. The fans of superstar claim that it couldn't be anyone else. There was even a video created which allegedly confirms this bold theory about the continued life of Michael Jackson (you can see the video here).
And what do you think about this? Do you believe that Jackson is still alive?
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