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Published 2016-09-05
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Reasons why you shouldn’t wear bra while sleeping?

# 2 Increased sweating

Wearing bra for so long during the day makes the temperature of the breasts rise considerably and that leads to an excessive sweating. As a result, you'll have an unpleasant time, and sweat or the bad smell won’t be the only problem. The irritation of your skin will be much worse. All of this will lead you to feel completely uncomfortable the whole day. Going forward, you'll probably have less self-confidence in everything you do that day. As you can see sleeping with bra can have a true impact on your whole life.

# 2 Increased sweating

# 3 Reduced circulation

Researches have revealed that using bras for too long causes inflammation and an improper circulation in the specific parts of your body, and that can lead to develop cysts and non cancerogenic tumors in the tissues. Sounds scary, doesn't it? Therefore, some researchers assure that breast cancer is related to the excessive use of a bra. Would you think about such consequences of using underwear?

# 3 Reduced circulation
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