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Published 2016-09-05
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Reasons why you shouldn’t wear bra while sleeping?

# 4 It creates problems in lactation

That is one of the most serious points against wearing bra while sleeping. If you just gave birth and tried to feed a little baby, but you're facing some difficulties - that can be the reason! Wearing bra for too long can cause troubles in milk production and it can even obstruct milk canals.

# 4 It creates problems in lactation

# 5 They help gravity do the job

Using bra during the day affects women’s health because they make breasts - FALL!. Are you surprised? Didn't you think that it was completely opposite. Here we come with explanation.
Cooper ligaments and skin muscles that are breast’s natural bra stop working and they lose firmness. Wearing bra makes breasts drop much faster.
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# 5 They help gravity do the job
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