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10 traits August borns are known for!

1. They need their space

August borns need to have their personal space. Since they are very private people, they prefer to have their “me-time.” They don’t open up that easily either if they do, it is only to the people they are really close to or trust. Believe it or not, they get quite anxious if someone makes eye contact with them, and there will be a possibility that they might avoid you.

2. Always right

They can’t let you go off without having the last word, they are too stubborn for that. If you ever go into an argument with them, don’t even bother trying to win. You won’t. Just give up already. And the worst part is they are ALWAYS right! And the smug look on their face when they say ‘I told you so,’ is just very annoying.
The next one is so true you just have to check it!
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3. They are expressive

If you are really close to an August born you probably know that once they open up to you there is nothing stopping them. They are quite expressive when they come to their facial expressions. Happiness, excitement, love, sadness, anger, disgust will be shown all over their face. So if you know them well, you undersatnd the meaning of each expression too.

4. Great writers

Their awkwardness prevents them from being very verbal of how they feel. But they make it up by writing. They do have the tendency of channeling their thoughts and feelings in words. It is their favorite way to pass time as well. We are not sure if they will show anyone what they write, but if they do, it is a perfect way to find out what’s going on inside that head of theirs.
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5. They’re picky

You might find them annoying or selfish, but they only get close to people who they think deserve to be their friends. It’s only because not everyone can deal with their behavior. And they will show how much they love and appreciate you for that. So consider yourself very lucky to be chosen as one of their friends, LOL!

6. Money-smart

They are very good with their finances, so you will never see them in debt. They don’t ask for money from others either. If ever, they will be lending you money when you need help. They keep a tab on their spendings and savings, which prevents them from going overboard with all their purchases. They will only buy something if they think they really need it.
Oh yeah, we all know the next one is true. Check it out!

7. Perfectionists

People born in August have a little bit of an OCD trait in them. They want everything in its place, perfect and the way they want it. And they hate it when their surroundings are messy. They prefer everything to be spick and span. If you live with an August born, you could relate to the horrors we're talking about when it comes to cleanliness. JK, they are the best!

8. They get bored easily

Good luck trying to get an August born’s attention. Not everything interests them so you will have to find a very creative way to get them to listen to you. If they find what you are telling them boring, there is no chance they will listen to you till the end. They will tell it right to your face that they're not interested or their facial expressions will indicate it.
We love annoying them even if the next traits are true!
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9. They are stubborn

We already know that August borns need their alone time, privacy and that they're not expressive when it comes to their emotions. But what if they are in immense pain or heartbroken? That won’t make them open up to others either. They have too much pride and ego to allow people to see their sensitive side. It's not good because keeping it all in can take a toll on their psychological health.

10. Easily irritated

People born in August are very smart, and they cannot handle people who ask stupid questions. They get annoyed at the smallest things and will not hesitate to show it. So think twice before asking doubts to your August friend. Ask yourself ‘Am I asking a dumb question?’, unless you are 100% sure of it, don’t ask. No matter what, we still love them!
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10 Traits August borns are known for
Pragya Raj
Pragya Raj 3/25/17, 7:14 AM
Well this time I am d one who is August born with Leo zodiac n I guess most of these are very true
Shubhra Om
Shubhra Om 3/22/17, 7:15 AM
It's not true Dewang Arora
Jasleen Kailey
Jasleen Kailey 3/16/17, 7:14 AM
Is it real challe Gurbir Chahal
Jasleen Kailey
Jasleen Kailey 3/16/17, 7:14 AM
Hmm sach aa kafi hadd takk awe hi hunda hai hna ...
Jasleen Kailey
Jasleen Kailey 3/16/17, 7:14 AM
Hmm sach aa kafi hadd takk awe hi hunda hai hna ...
Sylvia Khawbung
Sylvia Khawbung 3/13/17, 7:11 AM
Hi maw ie hmu naw???
Sylvia Khawbung
Sylvia Khawbung 3/13/17, 7:11 AM
A thu anom..1-10 a um kha
Muskan Jain
Muskan Jain 3/12/17, 7:13 AM
We are same tbhi nai pat ti humariii
Akhil Mudgal
Akhil Mudgal 3/12/17, 7:13 AM
We dnt want u to say anything
Bhavya Aggarwal
Bhavya Aggarwal 3/10/17, 7:13 AM
Shubhanker Mehra read
Ketan Arora
Ketan Arora 3/10/17, 7:13 AM
ofcrse i knw
Sanika Sayani
Sanika Sayani 3/10/17, 7:13 AM
Strongly agree everything applies to you
Pragya Maheshwari
Pragya Maheshwari 3/10/17, 7:12 AM
Bhavya Aggarwal well most of them are true
Prachi Sonavane
Prachi Sonavane 3/10/17, 7:12 AM
Jaynil Sonavane
Jaynil Sonavane 3/10/17, 7:12 AM
Yess you shd feel relle lucky
Ankita Saha
Ankita Saha 3/10/17, 7:11 AM
All of this is true. Idk how're gonna react to it ?
Yash Jhawar
Yash Jhawar 3/10/17, 7:11 AM
Sab sahi lagra hai
Yash Jhawar
Yash Jhawar 3/10/17, 7:11 AM
Sab sahi lagra hai
Abhie Vats
Abhie Vats 3/9/17, 7:14 AM
Cancel ho gaya. Dubara jaana hoga
Debashree Das
Debashree Das 3/9/17, 7:14 AM
Actually it's true...
Mariya Hita
Mariya Hita 3/9/17, 7:13 AM
Rukaiya Kaizar Ali Fatema Hitawala
Muskan Singh
Muskan Singh 3/9/17, 7:13 AM
Rihan Chhikara Dipali Singh
Rihan Chhikara
Rihan Chhikara 3/9/17, 7:13 AM
Rihan Chhikara
Rihan Chhikara 3/9/17, 7:13 AM
Are!! haan #Irritate hojata hu easily
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