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Published 2016-09-06
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This is what your nose tells about you

It’s a fact that even the way you sneeze can be genetic, but the shape of your nose can reveal a lot about your personality. Whether you love or hate your nose, you need to check what it says about you. Common nose functions: breathe, avoid infections, determine sense of smell, determine sense of flavour, affect voice resonance. Can you imagine life without all these functions? It would be very sad. A simple sneeze requires response of many muscles in the human body. There are different shapes: the nose acquires certain shape depending on the position of your nasal bones and cartilages. Each combination creates different shapes and that gives it a unique look that can even vary depending on your ethnicity. According to a frequent survey in the Diary of Craniofacial Surgery, there are 14 shapes of the human nose. Israeli professor Abraham Tamir analyzed his respondent’s noses in 1793 and according to his studies, those 14 basic types could have been identified. Starting from the Greek nose (straight) to eagle nose (hooked) to the most frequent “fleshy nose”. Your sneezing style is also genetic: you can do it in a very loud way or in silence. This process starts when the trigeminal nerve is irritated. This irritation again starts a sequence of reflexes in order to expel the “intruder”. A profound inhalation followed by the closure of the glottis and an accumulation of pressure in the lungs (“aaaah”). Then the glottis opens suddenly and the diaphragm pushes air through the mouth and nose, letting the “chooooo” go. The nose is the part of your body that sticks out the most and it says a lot about your character:
Big nose: With a short or long bridge, big noses symbolize more power, unity, leadership, ego and the wish to work independently. People with big noses hate to obey orders and they prefer to be their own bosses. They prefer bigger contribution and they don’t stick to little tasks.

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Small nose: Small in terms of length and width, the point is neither flat nor round. They're good in teamwork when they can use imagination, creativity and spontaneity. They are patient, which can lead them to bad temper states. But they think about others and they're ready to give a hand. They love doing what they do and they love hard work. They don’t have a problem with repetitive and systematic work.
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This is what your nose tells about you 2

Long nose: The longer your nose is, the better sense for business you have. They have healthy ambitions and people respond to their leadership in a positive way. That's why they're so good in doing business and they have a knack to it. Their biggest problems derive from their biggest strengths. What is their strength, can also become their greatest weakness.

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Short nose: These people are loyal and attentive, but have little unity and ambition. They tend to be cautious and feel overwhelmed by those who have ego and strong unity. They're sweet like children, emotional, good and very sensitive, but it’s not easy to get to know them well. They're secretive and it's difficult to get close to them. You must gain their trust first. Then there is a chance they will open.

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Straight nose: Also known as the Greek nose, as people from Greece quite often have narrow nostrils. What's more important, they’re considered attractive. People with straight noses are intelligent and useful by nature. They show methodical discipline and are linked to success in life. We can say that they are doomed to success.

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Pointy nose: With a long hill, curved, even hollow, with a point slightly upturned. They are often optimists, happy, kind and they have a "character". We mean that they have a strong character and firm opinions. It's difficult to convince them to do something they don't want to do. Such people are good lovers, give support and they love to cultivate their virtues.

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Eagle nose: A person with this type of nose presents the same qualities as somebody with a big nose, but eagle noses are a little bit more exaggerated. To get along well with others, such person requires respect and feeling of being important. People with this nose always follow their own path, they're individualists and are not influenced by the mass.

This is what your nose tells about you 7

Roman nose: People with Roman noses are very stubborn and ambitious by nature. They're big leaders and have a strong personality. They don’t hurry in taking decisions, take time before express an opinion and organize everything in an efficient way. Accuracy and good organization are their strengths.

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Undulated nose: This type of nose is rather rare and very unusual. It’s notable because it has a typical protrusion and the point seems much bigger. People with such noses love joy,fun and happiness. They're great friends with whom you can always have laugh and spend quality, full of surprises time. They enjoy people’s companionship so they have friends everywhere.

This is what your nose tells about you 9

Nubian nose: It's a long nose that has a very wide base. It’s the type of nose that Barack Obama has. People with Nubian style of nose always look for new ways to approach problems, they're curious, inquisitive and open-minded. They are attractive, expressive and too much emotions can make them overwhelmed.
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