Published 2016-09-08
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What this boy found in the kitchen will give you nightmares. I would burn the house down!

Some boy posted a photo with a simple title: “I found this in my kitchen…”. We regret now that we necessarily wanted to know what the boy found in that kitchen found. It gave us nightmares and we suffered all night long. That’s why we have decided to share this with you.
Ok, let’s start telling this story from the very beginning.
There was a hole in the wall… and the owners attention was caught by a wasp that was flying in and out this hole. After seeing this, young boy without any hesitation decided to check what was inside. And he found this! Do you wonder what’s that? It’s disgusting, isn’t it?
You won’t believe it until you see it open. At that moment, he should have throw it away.

WHAT??? It's hard to believe what was hidden in that hole!!! How is it even possible? Would you even think about that?! What would you do with such thing? Kill it with fire...?
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Seriously??? Somebody should have stopped him with opening that. It gives us goosebumps just by looking at these pictures.
Would you open it if you’ve found it in your kitchen? Would you? I wouldn’t do that as soon as I had seen what’s inside. It would finish in the trash - outside the house!

“No, no, no, no!” Did he stop opening that! Why didn’t he just throw it away? It’s hard even to look at it…

Do you understand now why we couldn’t sleep all night? This discovery was truly shocking for us.
But can you imagine that they start running in your kitchen? We wouldn’t stay in that house for long.

“Get out! Stay away from me!”
Can you believe they were alive! They were alive and the boy was still taking photos of them! I can’t imagine myself being that brave...

“Uggghhh!” All those SPIDERS were just standing there still looking at this boy. You have to agree that it’s so creepy…

Probably most of you have already closed the browser… For the most curious, it’s a mud nest that belongs to potter wasps! The explanation of the photo is simple (and terrifying). The wasps sting spiders and then lay eggs inside of them! Once the new offspring borns, it devours spiders from the inside. At least the spiders are dead. It’s a small relief, but we’re still having nightmares because of this story.
In fact, we have a great solution for all of such situations. Let’s put all of these spiders and wasps in to an ice cave and the problem will be solved.
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Source: Imgur

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