Published 2017-02-13
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Is radiation from our electronic devices slowly poisoning us?

In the last fifteen years, the use of technology for private consumers has dramatically increased. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, a Wifi router, Bluetooth devices. On top of that, there are Wifi hotspots in public venues such as restaurants, coffee shops, and malls. When you're trying to connect to Wifi you will always see all of your neighbor's routers. If you live in an apartment complex, there are big chances you will see about ten different Wifi networks.

So what does this all mean?

This means that radiation from these electronic devices is everywhere! They are known as EMFs which stands for electromagnetic fields. These come in waves or magnetic and invisible electric forces that are constantly emitting radiation. Radiation consists of light particles known as “photons” that travel in the form of waves at light speed.

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What about airplane mode?

Sorry to tell you but whenever your cell phone is turned on, regardless if it's on airplane mode or you're using data and Wifi, EMFs are being emitted. Cell phones can actually be worse than other devices because not only do they emit EMFs from the phone body itself, but also from the phone's antenna. Some people forget that all phones have an antenna because it doesn't pop out like the old flip phones of back in the day. Now all of the cell phones have tiny antennas built in, and they are even more powerful.

What can I do?

Although there are ways to limit the distance from yourself to your phone, they still do not eliminate the risk. While talking on your phone you should not put it to your ear. It is better to use headphones because holding it to your ear allows the EMFs to penetrate through your skull about two inches inside your brain. When you sleep, you should keep your phone on the other side of your room and definitely never sleep with your phone close to your head.
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What about other electronics?

We all have most of the same devices in our kitchen that we use on a daily basis. But did you know how dangerous they can be? Blenders, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and microwaves all emit radiation. Your microwave can be the worst one on the list! That is why the government usually sets limitations to manufacturers that require every microwave to have seals on the doors to keep the waves to a minimum. Unfortunately, as time passes the seals usually get weaker and weaker and the radiation emitted becomes stronger and stronger.

I use my microwave all the time, is it really that bad?

The level of radiation that can begin to cause you harm is 10 Hz. Microwaves are able to emit waves over two billion Hz! Once the seals on the microwaves doors aren't protecting you anymore, the microwave radiation can start to damage your bodies tissues and also the cells inside your body. As far as your body goes, the most damaged part of you will be your eyes. That is because they don't have the blood vessels necessary to disperse the heat as well as stress on your cells that are received from radiation waves.

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Laptops are not meant to go on your lap!

Almost everyone has a computer at home and if you are not reading this article on your EMF emitting smartphone, you are probably reading this on your EMF emitting computer. Distance is one of the only things that can help to protect you, so if you're reading this while your laptop is on your lap you might want to put it elsewhere. Not only can the heat produced from your laptop damage your reproductive organs, but the radiation as well has been proved to reduce sperm count and even damage the DNA.

How bad can it be?

A lot of people work on their computer all day either at the office or at home with their laptop on their laps. From a distance of about 3 feet away the radiation can start to harm you. If you are less than 4 inches away from your device (think laptop) the radiation increases to about 10 times stronger. Also, the EMFs will make you fatigued and can also cause cancer in the future. The most common would be brain cancer and testicular cancer.
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Who is at risk?

As far as radiation to the brain goes everyone is at risk, but an average adult's skull is 4 times thicker than a 5-year-old child and twice as thick as a 10-year-old child. About seventy percent of people can have changes in their brain waves due to radiation from holding a cell phone near to their head. There is a wide range of symptoms and illnesses obtained from too much radiation exposure. Anything from headaches all the way up to life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

Is it time to move into a remote cabin in the forest?

Some of these bad effects include cardiovascular stress, memory loss, impaired immune system, and genetic damage. If you keep devices near your head while sleeping it has been proved that it dramatically alters the amount of REM sleep you would normally get. Eye problems have been shown to begin years ago from the first microwaves, up until now from computer screens and smartphones. People can even develop cataracts from prolonged exposure to EMFs. It may seem impossible to live without all of the electronics we use on a daily basis, but don't run away to become a hermit in a remote section of the woods just yet. Many companies are now starting to produce items that reduce EMFs at home. Unfortunately, as far as cell phones go, it might be time to buy a carrier pigeon.
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