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Stray puppy finally found her forever home

There are so many stray dogs everywhere in this world. Some run away from their homes, some are lost, or some just do not have anyone to take care of them. They are part of the streets. But just like us, dogs need love, care, and attention too. You give them just an ounce of that, and they will give it to you back 100000x more. Not exaggerating.

Anyone who has a pet dog will know that they are the most loyal animals ever. They are called man’s best friend for a reason. The struggle of this one dog and what she did will melt you into a puddle of mess. So keep a box of tissues nearby, you will need the whole thing because by the end of the article you’ll be bawling your eyes out.
No really, you'll be crying!
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Greece has millions of stray dogs, and not all dogs have the opportunity to be rescued. Unlike most stray dogs, this one dog, named Blue was different. It was only about time that, Blue had a loving family which she longed for. She was found by Valia Orfanidou, who was on holiday in the village close to the sea. Valia found Blue when she was walking her dogs on the beach in August 2016.

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Dogs to be rescued in Greece should either be sick, hurt, emaciated, pregnant or newborns. Before rescuing Blue, Orfanidou had observed the dog’s behavior to see what she was up to because Blue did not fit into any of the mentioned categories and was a healthy 6 or 7-month-old puppy. Blue may have looked healthy, but only if someone took the time to notice would they have realized there was something more that wasn’t quite right.
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As Orfanidou kept a watch on Blue, she noticed that Blue was desperate. She followed everyone who visited the beach in need of attention, love, company and feeling that she belonged somewhere. It was heartbreaking to watch her run behind cars and follow people home who obviously took no notice of this poor desperate soul because she was a stray.

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Awww, we are already crying our eyes out just thinking about it! We couldn’t imagine what she must have gone through feeling lonely and scared. Eating leftovers from the garbage and being in the cold with no shelter once the sun goes down. Without wasting any time, Valia Orfanidou went to the beach and took Blue, and drove to Athens to a vet.
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Once Blue was all checked and given the green light by the doctor, Valia dropped her off at her friend’s house till she and her dogs came back to Athens. Blue’s long wait to find her forever home and family was short. She was adopted by a family in Holland, who has been loving and caring for her along with their other dogs. She’s now part of a loving family that’s going to love her unconditionally.

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Apart from that, Blue is now a service dog and for the first time went to a nursing home to visit people suffering from dementia. Her loving family who took her in with open arms also frequently updates with pictures on Blue’s Facebook page. So if you want to check out her progress and how much she’s being loved, click here. It's beautiful, you've to check it out!
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Source: The Orphan Pet, Giphy.com

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