Published 2016-09-19
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This lawyer has unleashed a storm after publishing these photos. Look at her body!

Did you learn some skills that you have never used later in your life? Or maybe you graduated with a certain degree only to work on a completely different position? In fact, a lot of people say that degree isn't that important when it comes to the job someone’s going to perform in the future. There are rather other characteristics that decide about one’s professional career.

Pia Muehlenbeck is a very interesting example of this statement. Throughout her scholar life and professional career she was a lawyer in Sydney, Australia. However, big corporate world wasn’t something she wanted to be in. With time she started to feel that there are many other things that she would love to do in life.

The change that she decided to make was truly dramatic. We have to admit that she unleashed a storm of fascination, different opinions and much, much more after publishing her first photos on Internet. Emotions could not be avoided at this point.
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Pia Muehlenbeck’s country of origin is Germany, but she lives in Australia now. She started her law degree on the University of Bond in Sydney after being granted a scholarship. Later on, she decided to finish her law degree on the University of Technology in Sydney. However Pia decided to abandon the world of law and big companies in 2014 and devote herself to something different.

First, she started with a blog, and then her model career developed. We have to admit that her popularity grew at an outrageous speed. She gained her first one million followers on Instagram just in one year. That's incredible! Probably every blogger dreams about such results in the shortest time.

But she didn't stop there. She decided to devote herself to the beauty industry in one hundred percent and make daring decisions. Probably most of women dream about this kind of life but how many would make such risky decisions.

At present, Pia is the owner of luxury sportswear SLINKII and she's also a professional editor for Grazia, where she appeared on numerous occasions. She currently lives a life that she secretly dreamt about.

Moreover, she is known for leading a healthy lifestyle and going often to the beach. Everyday she does exercise and yoga since it’s one of her favorite hobbies. How wonderful is that? And just imagine that she could spend this time in the courtroom.

She writes about her diet and tricks to eat healthy on the Internet and she also disproves myths concerning health that recently have flooded the web. It's not only a blog, it sounds more like a mission now.

“Things have changed since I graduated” comments Pia, “I started my own company called SLINKII and I started to post my photos on social media. My Instagram account has gained a lot of popularity and in the blink of an eye (well… a year) it achieved 1 million followers. Everything started to be a bit crazy since that times”.

She founded her company in collaboration with her partner and creative director, Kane Vato, and among many products you can find yoga suits and exercise sportswear, apart from other accessories like yoga mats. Definitely she has achieved a great success, and we can only congratulate her courage in making life decisions.

We have to admit that Pia has not only an amazing body, but also an extraordinary intelligence. She is a fulfilled woman, a lawyer and businesswoman. She's also a great example for many women.
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Source: Instagram - piamuehlenbeck / Giphy

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