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Published 2017-02-20
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What does your choice of coffee say about your personality?

Coffee, a brewed drink made from roasted coffee beans. Introduced to the world in the 15th century, the drink mainly originated from Yemen although the plant has its roots from Ethiopia. Right now, coffee is one of the most famous beverages in the world. Approximately 8,880 million kilograms of coffee is produced every year. According to statistics in 2016, 9078 million kg of coffee was consumed by us. So yeah, that’s a lot!

Everyone loves to kick off each day with a hot cup of coffee, and depending on the taste of that person complete with different ingredients. In our case, it would be some milk and sugar. There are many types of coffees in the world and people are coming up with new types of coffees every now and then. But, we will be focusing on the main ones. Did you know that the type of coffee you drink is in direct correlation to your personality?

Which of these coffees you drink the most? Read more to find out what each type of coffee reveals about people’s personalities.


Espresso drinkers are someone you can call natural born leaders. They work hard and play hard. They have a Type A personality which makes them a person who knows how to get things done. They’re an inspiration to others due to their hardworking nature which they follow in both work and social life. As espresso drinkers, they enjoy the taste of coffee and like things a little bit more straightforward.

Double Espresso

People who drink this type of coffee believe in logic. Everything in their life has to run through logic and everything needs to have a logical explanation. They are extremely practical people and are not susceptible to playful behaviour like some of your friends. Just like the single espresso drinkers, they are hardworking too. However, they seem to function much better with clear, concise direction from others. They do their best at work when their boss tells them exactly what to do.
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Latte drinkers are people who have trouble making decisions. They have more laid back nature and as a result, they worry themselves by overanalyzing every decision. They are much more reflective in nature, preferring to let their imagination consider all theirs choices in a leisurely manner. They are someone who likes to comfortable. Their morning latte is one of those comforts which makes their life worth living.


Cappuccino drinkers are what you can call sophisticated individuals. Their sense of style is very polished and put together. They aren’t the type of people who make mindless jokes unlike some of their friends. For them, everything must be classy. They have a creative mind and their sociable nature makes them very good friends to others. Well, Cappuccino sounds so classy when you say it or order it, so it reveals how sophisticated the people who are ordering them are.
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People who drink Frappuccino are the adventurous lot. They prefer to be spontaneous and live in the moment rather than plan every single detail of their day. They are pretty happy people by nature and their positive energy makes them very easy to be around. When it comes to energy, they have a lot of it so a highly caffeinated beverage is unnecessary.

Regular Coffee, Black

Black coffee drinkers are people who lead a much more minimalistic lifestyle. They don’t need flashy clothes or gaudy jewellery. They prefer a much more straightforward approach in life and in fashion too. They tend to be on the quiet side and are very prone to mood swings. Their straightforward nature makes them type of friends that others want to be around. The minimalistic coffee order matches their minimalist personality perfectly.
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Regular Coffee with cream and sugar

If someone you know is a cream and sugar mixed coffee drinker, he has some kind of a dual personality. Such people are organised and put-together on one hand while on the other hand, they love to cut loose and get a little messy. Each day these coffee drinkers find themselves striking the perfect balance between logical and creative sides of their brain.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee drinkers are very assertive people. They have a take-charge attitude and don’t have time for pettiness or drama. They feel very confident in expressing their opinions and think of themselves as somewhat trendsetters. These people are not affected by the weather at all since they prefer Iced coffee most of the time. They are more in control of their emotions and love walking around confidently.
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