Published 2017-03-03
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8 Strange things that would happen if the Earth stopped moving suddenly

There are many hidden forces in our world that keep it functioning without us even knowing it. From gravity to magnetic fields, we don’t really think about the things that keep our Earth from utter disaster. We will be discussing here what would happen to the world if it suddenly decided to stop spinning. And believe us, there are many things that can happen if the Earth suddenly decides to stop spinning:

1. Everything would launch sideways

One thing you will have to remember is the fact that you’re being held down by gravity and you’re moving through space at a rotational velocity of 1,674.4 km/h. We wouldn’t actually blast off into space if we stopped spinning but there would some damaging effects. Everything in the world would launch sideways at the speed of the rotational velocity because the Earth is still revolving around the sun causing strong winds.

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2. Major Tsunamis

The same force that causes everything to be launched sideways would also affect the oceans. If the world stops spinning, there would be major devastation from Tsunamis. The tsunamis are caused by the lack of gravity at the Earth’s equator which makes the oceans gather and move towards the equator. This moving would cause a structural change of the planet ravaging anything on its way.

3. Everything would die

So now we know that if the world stops rotating the new world would cause massive devastation. If you are lucky to survive the flooding, Tsunamis and the crazy wind speed, you might think you are safe. No, you are not! Obviously! Life isn’t that easy! With a large number of people located near to the equator than the poles, the Earth no longer spinning means the end of life itself. There wouldn’t be any water and the heat will cause massive drought, we could be hit by a solar flare at any moment.
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4. Days would last 365 days

The night and day phenomenon wouldn’t work the same anymore. Since there wouldn’t be any rotation, the Earth would take 365 days to revolve around the sun and return to the same position. So half of the Earth would be baked for half a year while the other hemisphere will be in darkness. We can experience weeks of permanent nights and permanent days at the poles now but imagine having 6 months of the night followed by 6 months of night.

5. Earth would become a perfect sphere

Although this is considered minor to the other catastrophes, it is still significant.The Earth would become an almost perfect sphere. The rotational velocity of the Earth right now causes it to bulge out at the equator turning it into an oblate spheroid. So without gravity, Earth would be pulled into a nice sphere shape. Sounds harmless right? But it isn’t as this causes Earth to become a planet with one continent while flooding other continents with an immense volume of water due to equal distribution of water.
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6. One Giant Continent

A thought must have popped up in your head that we could just move to poles right? No, you can’t! The poles will not be habitable anymore. As explained in one of the strange things that would happen to Earth if it stops rotating above, one large supercontinent would form. The lack of gravity will cause the oceans to migrate to the poles leaving the world with 2 huge oceans. So we will be left with a belt like mass around the world.

7. The globe would no longer be tilted

The tilt of our planet may not seem like a big deal, but you may be surprised to learn that it actually plays a huge part in our seasons. The Earth’s tilt is defined by how the planet is rotating compared to our sun. If the world stopped rotating, the tilt would no longer serve a purpose. This means the light would hit most directly to the equator and the 4 seasons will cease to exist.
And lastly, the next one is the most dangerous of all even if you manage to survive the before ones!

8. No more magnetic fields

They are many unseen forces that protect us every day and we don’t know much about them. If the Earth were to stop rotating, it has the possibility to take out one of our greatest defence systems. Scientists aren’t sure, but it would be safe to say that the Earth’s magnetic field would vanish. The magnetic field is one of our biggest defences against solar flares and radiation caused by the sun.

It’s pretty fascinating, isn’t it? How the Earth works and all? There are so many mysteries in this universe that we are yet to discover. What did you think would happen if the Earth suddenly stops spinning? In our opinion, the scariest thing would be getting launched at a speed of around 1641 km/h. Our body would not be able to take it and we would die before we can even experience it. At least experiencing it would be fun, isn’t it? Feel like The Flash for a moment…
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