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10 Reasons why December borns are too good to be true

1. They are born teachers

December borns are teachers at heart. They tell people if they are wrong and what to do to correct it. It's not because they are bossy, it is because they see the best in everyone and believes everyone has potential. They're always trying to help anyone in any possible way. They only show this side to the people they love.

2. They are honest

People born in December are the most honest beings on the face of this planet. They knowingly would never take the wrong turns in life because they know they will never gain anything out of lying or being dishonest. And they always stick true to their beliefs and nothing can make them change that. Good going December borns!
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3. They are very active

December borns are not just active when it comes to sports but also in any activity they undertake. They are passionate and committed and are an active participant in whatever field they are in. They strive for success and try to do their best while also helping others on their way. This makes them great as a team member or leader.

4. They can be wise and intellectual

People born in December believe it is never too late to learn. Wherever they go, they are always learning something new. It often happens that they unknowingly impart their knowledge to others. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, people see it as being boastful while in fact, December borns are just excited to share the new things they learned.
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5. They are born leaders

If they get a chance to be a leader or manager, there's no doubt that they will be inspiring to the members of their team. People born in December can easily tackle any situation with ease. Their logical thinking helps them to be fair, logical and understand that there are always two sides to a story. They also live an organised life and know their priorities.

6. They are kind

December borns have a kind and helping nature that some people take for granted. It usually takes them a while to realise that not everyone deserves their big heart. For the people, they love they will go to any extent to lend their helping hand. So if you know a December born, cherish them with all that you have.
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7. They are down to earth

People born in December don’t have a lot of demands for worldly things in life. They find joy and happiness in simple things like family, friends, love and laughter. They live in the moment and cherish every second. They are great people to be around and if you know a December born, you certainly know what we mean when we say it’s never a dull moment with them around.

8. They are stubborn

Like everyone else, December borns have their negative traits too. They can be stubborn at times and refuse to listen or agree to things that they don’t believe in. But this won’t make them force their views and opinions on others because they know everyone is different, so they expect others to respect that when it concerns them.
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9. They are loyal

People born in December are the best kind of people. Once you get to know them, you will realize that they are the type of people who will always have your back no matter what. If you're looking for the honest truth, ask a December born, they don't sugarcoat what they tell you. They tell it you as it is. Being honest and straightforward is better than lying anyway, right?

10. They are private

People born in December need their space. They are not the type to talk about their feelings to other people, unless it's to the people they love or trust. They usually prefer to keep things to themselves rather than opening up to people. They feel if they do open up, they're only burdening others with their problems. Do you know anyone who is born in December who perfectly fits this article?
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10 Traits December borns are known for
Saniya Kalra
Saniya Kalra 4/11/17, 6:12 AM
Rabia Moloo Arti Anand guys read
Lakshmi Sk
Lakshmi Sk 4/5/17, 6:10 AM
It's been more than a month babe..since I tagged you
Lakshya Prakash Srivastava
Lakshya Prakash Srivastava 3/29/17, 6:09 AM
Bhai khud ko hi tag?
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 3/29/17, 6:09 AM
Ghar mei akele kaisa lag rha hai?
Lakshya Prakash Srivastava
Lakshya Prakash Srivastava 3/29/17, 6:09 AM
Jaisa tujhe roz lagta hai?
Tarun Narala
Tarun Narala 3/26/17, 6:08 AM
yes.. true hai... :))))
Sidhi Singh
Sidhi Singh 3/25/17, 7:08 AM
Nalle logo kai saath rhaga toh nalle hi banaga
Soumya Mahajan
Soumya Mahajan 3/22/17, 7:08 AM
I agree with tushar. ....
Sakshi Nagpal
Sakshi Nagpal 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Very true for me
Mamta Singh
Mamta Singh 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Galti krdi tujhe tag krke
Vaishali Kansara
Vaishali Kansara 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
The third point and the fifth point don't quite describe me.
Aashna Mittal
Aashna Mittal 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
So true Salman Haider
Astha Singh
Astha Singh 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Adv Siddharth Sharma Rohan Teotia
Swapnil Sharma
Swapnil Sharma 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Reply to the caption: Do I really deserve to be cherished? I did nothing special and was born like other million babies. But I never asked to be born.
Swati Agnihotri
Swati Agnihotri 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Sourabh Sheelwant :*
Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
first 1 itself... fuckk its a trait of u.! now we get it
Harveen Dhamija
Harveen Dhamija 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Haha! I know you would comment on this!
Rashida Udaipurwala
Rashida Udaipurwala 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
Rani Surendran Rima Surendran
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Sanjit Roy 3/21/17, 7:08 AM
I am and my bro Bidhan Chakraborty
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