Published 2017-04-07
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TEST: Image Personality Test that can reveal your true self!

Our minds are being manipulated every single day by so many things and so many people that we may never think of. What people see in pictures can say a lot about their personality and their state of mind and believe it or not it can sometimes be real! There are reasons behind every single thing you see or imagine!

There had been a study conducted on how marketers can pester you to buy something they want you to! People were sent to a big mall in which they could buy anything they wanted; the head of the research said that they will all buy a giraffe! To everyone’s surprise, out of everything they could buy in this place, they all ended up with a giraffe in different sizes and shapes in their hands! That was because of the way they presented the colours in the shopping centre!

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In today’s test were are going to provide you with some photos that will tell you a lot more about your personality than what your best friend can do! First, let’s start with this picture that is gone viral these days. Let us know what you see in the picture in the comment section below. An explosion? Two hands? A tree? Hands and a brain? Nothing? Or maybe something else?

TEST: Image Personality Test that can reveal your true self! 3

For the ones that see two hands in the picture, you don’t let your imagination go riot, your logic is the most important thing that you rely on! And you never panic! If you see a tree, you are quite conscientious! You are without a doubt going to be pretty successful in whatever activity that is concentration required.
And in case you see nothing, then we guess it’s time to move on to the next test!
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This next imagine reveals a fact about you that only your family and friends know. We would like you to take a look at the picture and tell us which staircase is used to go up and which is used to go down. Don’t think too much, just take a glance and tell us which one is which in the comment section below!

TEST: Image Personality Test that can reveal your true self! 5

Alright, we are going to unwrap some facts about the place where you live! We know that it might sound crazy to you but depending on the language you speak your way of reading changes! The westerns read from left to right, right? So when they see this image, they go up the left one and down the right one!
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Psychologists use images in order to make a personality profile, to help them learn more about the patient and to make a more accurate diagnosis. We all can see a voluptuous lady rotating in this picture! But this time we want you not to get distracted by her figure and try to guess toward which direction she is moving?

The direction that you see this girl is moving towards, indicates which hemisphere of your mind you’re using. As you may know, the ones that use the right hemisphere are the artistic ones and the ones who use the left one are logical mathematicians! Of course, if you see her rotating both ways you are a genius!
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And now finally we got the last picture! This one might be a little bit vague but let's give it a try! Good thing, we’ve got options for you, so that you can choose one of these! Looking at this picture, do you see a clown's face with his tongue sticking out? A lady above dolphins? A fluffy toy? Or nothing at all?

TEST: Image Personality Test that can reveal your true self! 9

If a clown is your answer, you are an incredibly amiable and sociable person! If the lady is your choice then you are unbelievably charismatic only because ladies are always charismatic! People pay a lot of attention to you but that doesn’t get to your head! And the cuddly cutie toy would mean that when you are experiencing difficulty, you have the tendency to think about the time when it was all rainbow and unicorns!
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Is this a man or a woman? The answer reveals a lot!
Sudeep Sarkar
Sudeep Sarkar 4/21/17, 6:06 AM
Bull. Once you suggest the options above the photo, that's what you're looking for.
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