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9 Ways to make your partner feel special

Every relationship starts off with that wonderfully exciting honeymoon period. Where everything about your partner is new to you, the world is your oyster, you learn the likes and dislikes of this special person, and you hope to enjoy a prosperous future. Sometimes after this period is over the daily routine of work, school, and normal pressures of life catch up with you. Once you get too comfortable with your partner you may forget to continue doing all the small things you did to make them fall in love with you in the first place. While no relationship is perfect, here are a few things you can do to reignite the feelings and the spark you had from the beginning.

1. Show interest for their hobbies

While it is understandable for a man to not want to get into romantic novels or for a woman to want to watch every single football game, There is no reason you can't support your partner's hobbies by asking questions and showing interest. If your woman loves to read you don't have to write a bestselling novel but ask her who her favorite authors are. Ask her what genre of books she likes to read and pick one out for her to read. If you know nothing about sports ask your man who his favorite player is. Watch a game from time to time and even if you have no idea what's going on you can still cheer on your partner's team.
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2. Body language and how to communicate

In the digital age we are living in now it is too convenient to send a quick Snapchat or facebook message to communicate with someone. Even though we are all busy trying to be Instagram famous, make sure to take time out of your day and communicate with your partner in person. Any important discussions should always be had in person. Although an SMS is more convenient during the day, if you have a couple minutes make a phone call. It's always a nice surprise to get a phone call from someone who is not a stranger trying to sell you car insurance. When you are out to eat or spending valuable one-on-one time together, put the phone down! Make eye contact and conversate.

3. Be a self esteem booster!

Find one thing to compliment your partner on every day. Anything from their wardrobe to physical features to personality. Tell them how great dinner was and how you are impressed with their cooking skills. Tell them how awesome their new hairstyle is. Everyone has a unique style, personality, skill set, and look. There is always something to compliment your partner on. This will make them start their day off on a positive note and when they return the favor you will be feeling more confident and happy as well. If you're out somewhere with their friends or family, make it a point to say it in front of people close to your partner, showing your partner off gets you double the points!
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4. Be their number one fan

Always show encouragement and be a motivating participant in your significant others life. Tell them they are going to do a great job on the interview and land that job. Tell them they will smash all of their goals this month. Set goals together such as exercising with each other or eating healthier and throwing away bad habits. If either of you is still in school help them out by studying together. Calm them down if they are anxious for a big test.

5. Be thoughtful

All the small things are very important. A little gesture can go a long way. Leave a rose on your woman's windshield. Leave your partner's favorite snack in their glove compartment. Leave a cute note on their nightstand. If you know your partner has a big day ahead of them, make them a hearty breakfast or a delicious packed lunch to go. Send them a text during the day checking up on them and asking how everything is going.
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6. Be a good listener

Communication and trust are cornerstones of a healthy and long lasting relationship. A relationship without communication and trust is like being on a plane without a pilot. You can stay inside as long as you want but you just know it's not going anywhere. Always be open, honest, and make time for important talks with your significant other. Don't be afraid to let your partner know if something is bothering you and tell them that you would always want them to do the same. It's important to maintain eye contact while communicating with your partner and make sure to let them know that their opinions are important to you. This will all, in turn, build a strong level of trust.

7. Make them a priority and not an option

Everyone is busy these days but if you really care about someone it's always possible to find some time during the week. Give each other your schedules and figure out what day is possible to meet up or plan something during the evening. If you can't find time, have lunch delivered to their office from their favorite restaurant. Always make time for them to vent to you on bad days or when they are in a tough situation with a friend, family member, or co-worker.
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8. PDA all the way!

Public displays of affection display to your partner that you are proud to show them off to the world. Hold their hand while you are out and about in public. Body language speaks volumes! If you are sitting across from your partner make sure to have your body facing inward toward them, eyes locked and leaning forward. Don't be afraid to put your arm around your partner, play with their hair or give them a kiss on the cheek in front of friends. If you're the man in the relationship open the door for them, carry their purse, don't let them walk somewhere alone, open doors for them, be chivalrous.

9. Work together as a team

Always be willing to help your partner out. A relationship is a two-way street and you both have to meet each other halfway. If one person is giving 100% and the other is only giving 50% it will cause issues of being feeling unappreciated. If they cook dinner, then you should do all of the dishes. Clean up after yourself and share all household chores and errands. On the weekend go food shopping together! Go on runs, hikes, or bike rides with each other. Team up to live a healthy lifestyle together.
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