Published 2016-12-11
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9 Ways to make your partner feel special

2. Body language and how to communicate

In the digital age we are living in now it is too convenient to send a quick Snapchat or facebook message to communicate with someone. Even though we are all busy trying to be Instagram famous, make sure to take time out of your day and communicate with your partner in person. Any important discussions should always be had in person. Although an SMS is more convenient during the day, if you have a couple minutes make a phone call. It's always a nice surprise to get a phone call from someone who is not a stranger trying to sell you car insurance. When you are out to eat or spending valuable one-on-one time together, put the phone down! Make eye contact and conversate.

3. Be a self esteem booster!

Find one thing to compliment your partner on every day. Anything from their wardrobe to physical features to personality. Tell them how great dinner was and how you are impressed with their cooking skills. Tell them how awesome their new hairstyle is. Everyone has a unique style, personality, skill set, and look. There is always something to compliment your partner on. This will make them start their day off on a positive note and when they return the favor you will be feeling more confident and happy as well. If you're out somewhere with their friends or family, make it a point to say it in front of people close to your partner, showing your partner off gets you double the points!
If you want triple the points, go on to number 4!

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