Published 2016-12-11
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9 Ways to make your partner feel special

4. Be their number one fan

Always show encouragement and be a motivating participant in your significant others life. Tell them they are going to do a great job on the interview and land that job. Tell them they will smash all of their goals this month. Set goals together such as exercising with each other or eating healthier and throwing away bad habits. If either of you is still in school help them out by studying together. Calm them down if they are anxious for a big test.

5. Be thoughtful

All the small things are very important. A little gesture can go a long way. Leave a rose on your woman's windshield. Leave your partner's favorite snack in their glove compartment. Leave a cute note on their nightstand. If you know your partner has a big day ahead of them, make them a hearty breakfast or a delicious packed lunch to go. Send them a text during the day checking up on them and asking how everything is going.
Number 6 will include the two most important building blocks to keep that fire alive.

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