Published 2016-12-11
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9 Ways to make your partner feel special

6. Be a good listener

Communication and trust are cornerstones of a healthy and long lasting relationship. A relationship without communication and trust is like being on a plane without a pilot. You can stay inside as long as you want but you just know it's not going anywhere. Always be open, honest, and make time for important talks with your significant other. Don't be afraid to let your partner know if something is bothering you and tell them that you would always want them to do the same. It's important to maintain eye contact while communicating with your partner and make sure to let them know that their opinions are important to you. This will all, in turn, build a strong level of trust.

7. Make them a priority and not an option

Everyone is busy these days but if you really care about someone it's always possible to find some time during the week. Give each other your schedules and figure out what day is possible to meet up or plan something during the evening. If you can't find time, have lunch delivered to their office from their favorite restaurant. Always make time for them to vent to you on bad days or when they are in a tough situation with a friend, family member, or co-worker.
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