Published 2016-12-19
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5 Things which are made from waste

Do you throw your waste into the trash can every day? Stop doing that because here we will share with you 5 of the best ideas to make some cool art from waste material around us. These are very simple and are the best thought out waste art projects. Some of them can even be done by anyone including kids. From cool home decor to musical accessories check out what you can do. Discover these imaginative decorations and figure out how to make lovely ornaments to spice up the style in your home and make valuable items from waste.

1. Old bottle caps used as a wind chime

This one is super easy to do because all you need is bottle caps and some wire or string. The best part is searching for cool bottle caps from your favorite beverages. You can collect all the bottle caps over a period of time, or do one string at the end of every week. The color scheme comes out awesome when you consume different beverages every week. You can also have the wires at the same length or change it up and have half of them long and half of them short.
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2. Using old glass bottles as pendant lamps

Are you hoping to include a touch of glitz and glamor to your home? Look no further, pendant lights will add a touch of brilliance to your place. There are so many styles and outlines for ideas that you're guaranteed to come up with a wonderfully unique product. Using your own craftsmanship there are many great DIY websites that can help you create something great.

Fluctuating in styles, sizes, shapes and shades, every pendant light has its very own particular appeal. Instead of running to the craft store for supplies, check out what you have in your home. There are always unused items in the garage and in the attic or basement that people forget about. For materials to work with utilize anything you can. Whether it is an old utensil holder that you stopped using long ago or simply some paper scrap, here are some marvelous thoughts that transform the undesirable trash into treasure. Go to the next page to see how you can make something awesome from an old beat up piano!

3. Using discarded piano into a book shelf

Before you discard your old things and lament later, read this. There is always a time when you think you need to throw something out and no longer have any use for it. Not everyone has enthusiastic esteem for everything that you once possessed. Yet imagine a scenario in which you never need to discard things you feel are not necessary to hold on to. If you have an old grand piano and you think that now it's useless for you, hold your horses because you can use it in a very fantastic way.

You can attach your old grand piano to the wall with new paint and you can use it as a bookshelf or as a shelf in your bedroom to store clothes. There are other purposes as well but it will definitely steal the beauty of your home. There are so many ways to use your old piano, like as a fountain or as a garden. You just need a little bit of time to work on it and you will create the best look for your home ever.
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4. Create guitar picks cutting credit cards

How can you make your own particular guitar picks from old gift cards and credit cards!? Using something so simple such as scissors you won't need to run over to your music shop just to get picks. This technique is truly simple, quick, and unique. There are only a few things required to make picks from charge cards. One is card or Visa, nail document, scissors, and marker.

The thickness, shape, and material of a guitar pick can truly influence your sound. Some people even use animal shell picks. Don't simply wield the typical picks, you can make picks from pretty much anything that is adaptable, yet solid. You might find a cooler sound or just a better pattern and color than you would find in a typical store. While playing your instrument, you will feel more satisfaction.
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5. Transform your old TV into an aquarium

Have you found an ancient artifact of a TV set in your storage room? You know, the ones with impersonation wood and handles or cheap plastic rivets? Or the ones that still have slots for VHS tapes? It is beyond any doubt that compared to the TV’s we have today, your old TV might be a waste of space. Even so, it doesn't need to get thrown out straight into the garbage. If you are imaginative, In addition to other things, you can change your old TV into a one of a kind fish tank.

Most TVs more often than not have a removable back, but sometimes you may need to go in through the side. Make sure to remove any wires and all electrical components. Unless you plan to coordinate them into the outline. Utilizing the TVs inner estimations, purchase an aquarium and any extra segments important including a channel, pneumatic machine, overhead light, and tubing. Don't forget to share this article with all your friends and family and feel free to leave a Like on our Facebook page!

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