Published 2016-12-19
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5 Things which are made from waste

2. Using old glass bottles as pendant lamps

Are you hoping to include a touch of glitz and glamor to your home? Look no further, pendant lights will add a touch of brilliance to your place. There are so many styles and outlines for ideas that you're guaranteed to come up with a wonderfully unique product. Using your own craftsmanship there are many great DIY websites that can help you create something great.

Fluctuating in styles, sizes, shapes and shades, every pendant light has its very own particular appeal. Instead of running to the craft store for supplies, check out what you have in your home. There are always unused items in the garage and in the attic or basement that people forget about. For materials to work with utilize anything you can. Whether it is an old utensil holder that you stopped using long ago or simply some paper scrap, here are some marvelous thoughts that transform the undesirable trash into treasure. Go to the next page to see how you can make something awesome from an old beat up piano!

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