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This is how each sign expresses rage, according to the stars...

Each sign of the zodiac expresses its rage in different ways; perhaps we should understand how we react to everything unpleasant to control our emotions peacefully.

1. Aries
This sign is undoubtedly one of the fastest to get angry. It is not surprising, because its element is fire. Its dark side shows a great anger inside, which can shine and burn at the same time. In general, do not fight with people, but do not refuse to finish them. Sometimes they are impatient and volatile, especially when they are under pressure or have to do something they are not prepared for. However, they tend to calm down quickly and even to forgive those who cause that anger. They are one of those people who are always easy to "forgive and forget".

2. Taurus

These are very calm; It is not easy to get them out of their boxes. But if you do, be careful, because if you ignore their suggestions, you will have to face the eruption of a volcano, splashing in all directions with its fury. Taurus gets very angry with things like betrayal, inequality or falsehood. In other cases, this sign prefers not to waste your energy wasting the anger, so when they get angry it may take a long time to calm down again. You must give them time to recover...

3. Gemini

The very name of Gemini contains an indication of its dual nature. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict how they will behave through their anger. They may seem completely calm and focused, but at the same time, their caustic words will hurt you very much. Also, since they love to talk, an angry Gemini can shout and insult constantly. Fortunately, they do not tend to stay that way for long; in fact, they will only be a few minutes under that state. As long as you do not tell them what to do or how to behave, they can always forgive you.

4. Cancer

It is a very sweet, understanding, faithful and loving sign. And all you need from others is reciprocity! If you feel quite uncomfortable, unappreciated or offended by something, the first sign is usually to be somewhat uncomfortable or sulky. If you cannot understand it, Cancer will move to more passive-aggressive tactics. If you ignore it completely, Cancer is likely to close in its own shell. Warning: stop ignoring him, otherwise you will end badly. Show him your love and care!

5. Leo

The only way to win a fight against a lion is to roar louder than him. Every little detail can make them angry, and you can be sure that they will immediately let you know about their dissatisfaction. Leo will start kicking, screaming, ranting, raving, throwing things around the house... and it will be a spectacle. The first reaction of a Leo in a conflict situation is to defame, without thinking about how it hurts others. Therefore, if he gets angry with you, do not take it too seriously. After he has calmed down, he will not hold a grudge; It can quickly change from anger to mercy.

6. Virgo

This sign is very patient and affectionate; They are able to withstand numerous abuses of other people before they begin to show signs of frustration and anger. In fact, they try to avoid such situations with all their strength, because they feel very uncomfortable when they have to get angry openly. However, once they do not want to keep hiding their feelings, there will be no turning back, you will have a problem. The fury of a Virgo is so strong that it can be felt in the house next door, although they will remain passive aggressive in the meantime. It is much easier for them to get away when they are angry instead of screaming. However, when they begin, you wish you had not abused their trust.

7. Libra

Libra is one of the most peaceful signs of the entire horoscope. They always try to maintain balance and equality in all the social relations they maintain, avoiding fights at all costs. Therefore, they tend to remain silent, hiding their feelings, until they begin to lose self-control. Since Libra is one of the most sensitive signs, they can be angry at any insignificant detail. As soon as a fight breaks out, they prefer to flee, but sometimes they can say some "soft words" as they move away little by little.

8. Scorpio

How to know when a Scorpio is angry? You just have to look him in the eye. As a rule, his eyes betray his anger long before words and gestures. This sign tends to keep the anger under control, at least for a while. Sometimes, he limits himself to practicing what has been "mental harassment", and at other times, he remains silent, preparing the next conflict in advance. Do not try to force a Scorpio to speak if he is not ready yet (he rarely is), or you will regret it. These people hold a lot of grudges, and although they can forgive you, they will never forget it.

9. Sagittarius

Everyone who knows people of this sign will know that they can be excellent friends, but also as unpleasant enemies as possible. Dishonesty, disloyalty, cruelty and any hate speech are things that terrify this sign, and when they are the ones who get angry, they become truly terrible beings. If they decide to give it a low blow, you will know it immediately, because it will be returned in full. So the best thing is to leave as soon as possible...

10. Capricorn

In the case of an earth sign, we could say that Capricorn is a quite complacent sign. However, these people may also have certain strict requirements to keep the peace anywhere. The truth is that they appreciate discipline and responsibility, both in themselves and in others. Most likely, they just want their personal space to stay the way they like it. The fact is that you will never know when they are angry or not because they try not to show negative emotions. In the end, they may lose their self-control and make a big fuss, although they quickly outgrow it.

11. Aquarium

In general, it could be said that the sign of Aquarius has quite relaxed members most of the time, being able to withstand many criticisms before losing their temper. However, they may also ignore you when they know they are angry since they rarely feel the need to show their anger in public. In fact, Aquarius will prefer to walk away or go quietly instead of arguing loudly, although that does not mean they do not do it from time to time, especially with close relatives.

12. Pisces

To finish, we have the Pisces sign, for which, the anger depends on a specific day and time of the day. In case you have had a bad day, you can spread all that accumulated anger to others. However, when everything is going well, a member of Pisces will avoid conflicts at all costs, opting for dialogue. When they need to calm down and recover, they prefer to drink or smoke instead of arguing. However, if this method does not result in any help, they will start crying.

Now you know what you do in a conflict, check 6 Signs of the zodiac that are true masters of lies...

Everyone lies from time to time. Whether we need it to avoid a certain type of problem, to make us look much more impressive than we really are, or simply because it is an addiction we can never get enough of, we have all lied at some point in our lives. In relation to this aspect, your horoscope will tell you the same thing, but although that is totally true, it does not matter how much you try to hide it saying that you have never lied, we think we can agree that some people lie more than others.

And as for who has as many lies in mind as possible, that is something that has a great relationship with astrology. That is why throughout this brief but relevant article we will answer the following question: Which signs of the zodiac sign lies the most? Obviously, we must emphasize that no sign can throw the first stone in terms of telling lies occasionally. However, there are six, which in this area are more corrupt. And if you do not want to lose them, we recommend that you continue with us ...

1. Scorpio

We know very well that the Scorpios are manipulative masters and, besides, they are very heavy when it comes to instilling your ideas and thoughts to get what they want. That's why it's not surprising that they perform a variety of stratagems, such as flirting, planning, guilt, and bribery, to name a few. In fact, one could say that one of his main forms of manipulation is to inspire fear in the people closest to him, and then offer a possible way to alleviate the fear, problem or mishap that he himself originated.

Wait! Scorpio is at the top of the list of the zodiac signs that most lie? How is it possible? Well, honestly, is anyone surprised? We are sure that not even a Scorpio will be alerted about it. Being the most manipulative and deceptive sign that exists, it is not exactly a novelty that, when it comes to lying, stands out in a way that no other sign can rival. However, what happens with Scorpio is that they are so good at lying that even they have difficulty telling fictitious facts after a while.

2. Gemini

A boy born under the sign of Gemini is incredibly charming and probably does not even know he is playing with you. Act as if you were the boyfriend of the year, and when you do something that is not so cool and can make you feel bad (like taking your car without permission and having an accident), you will be surprised when you call to ask for explanations. He will ask how you can get angry with him when he is doing everything for you. Finally, the other person begins to doubt their thoughts about him.

While we must recognize that the sign of Gemini will never be as much of a liar as the one mentioned in the previous page, when it comes to organizing a manipulative ruse, there is no doubt that they retain a great talent for it. But the fact is that, similarly to Scorpio, people know that this sign is really a liar. However, because Gemini is so fun and creative, it's just an accepted part of their personality. Sadly, Scorpios are not so easily rid of their inclination for deception.

3. Pisces

Although it would be extremely easy to categorize the sign of Pisces as a simple soul with a great inclination for art, the reality is that underneath all that lies a demon who will not hesitate to get what he really wants. With a great ability to be much more intuitive than most zodiac signs, Pisces members know exactly what hoaxes and slander should count, to whom, and in what way, to receive what they want from virtually any situation.

4. Libra

The combination of Libra to be charming and manipulative at the same time makes it a sign that turns out to be a vile liar. They lie often to avoid problems, they cheat to look better than they are, and they slander to get what they want most. Basically, they adapt perfectly to the saying "they lie more than they talk", or "of six things they say, seven are lies". But while they appear to be hypocrites, their indecision makes it difficult for them to track their deceptions and commit to them without trying to change something they already said. Before realizing it, they will have changed the story several times, but each one will be as incredible and false as the previous one.

5. Cancer

Yes, we must say that Cancer is an absolute liar, but unlike the other signs mentioned so far, his lies are not intended to harm or get what they crave the most. When it comes to plotting a ruse, Cancer members are more concerned with exaggerating reality, as well as demonstrating their inability to appreciate the true version of events. Therefore, while still one of the greatest liars of the zodiac signs, at least these are, in general, harmless.

6. Aquarius

Like the previous sign, the Aquarian lies do not usually cause any major damage, but for the most part, they make tricks to keep the fish and prevent anyone from feeling bad. However, they are not free from sin, because these falsehoods often turn out to be quite counterproductive when the original version of the matter comes to light, being portrayed as born twisters. In this way, all those lies that Aquarius constantly says are only "patches" that hide reality until someone tires and says how things are.
Did you find your zodiac sign on this list?! To what extent do you agree or disagree with the whole text?!

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